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Get To Know Yourself

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Get Real

As women, we face social structures and expectations that limit our ability to love ourselves fully. Beauty standards, cultural norms, and social media provide a pretty harsh environment for self-acceptance.

This retreat is an opportunity to literally take off these layers of fear and insecurity, so we can be with our true selves.

Stand naked.

See yourself.

And love the shit out ofthat.

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One-on-one Coaching

Get Connected

No matter how self-aware and growth-oriented you are, there’s only so much you can do on your own. Having a coach is not for the broken, or weak. In fact, having a coach is for the expert. Like an olympic athlete knows they need a coach to stay on top of their craft, a good self-development enthusiast knows they need a coach to stay fresh, present, and expansive. This specific program combines mental/emotional work with yoga, providing you with the WHOLE PICTURE of who you are at each moment. Together we get to dive into your being, uncover the stories and worries that are restricting you, and FREE them up!


Yoga Teacher Training

Get Empowered

It may sound crazy but, something about sitting around every week and breaking down yoga poses, is INCREDIBLY transformational. This program is more than an opportunity to get certified to teach yoga, although that is certainly a big bonus. It is about understanding the inner workings of your being. It is about learning knowledge in an educational format, that somehow you’ve kind of already known intuitively. It’s like we unlock what your intelligent body already knows. And the thing is, once you do that, you can’t help but share it. Once you do that, you are of service to the world. Teacher training trains you to be a teacher, but it also trains you to literally be able to do anything you want. Superhuman YOU is coming!

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Weekly/Monthly Classes

Get Familiar

“This stuff is great and all, but who has $2000 lying around to get certified in yoga?” “I can’t afford to take a weekend off for a yoga retreat!” “Coaching privates is just way too intense for me.” “I’ve been doing this stuff for a while, but about 2 months after every program I go right back to my lazy, triggered self.”

Any of these sound familiar? Monthly gatherings are a great opportunity to get just a taste, or a reminder of why we do this work. It’s the perfect way to tap into the community, without a huge investment, whether you’re looking for consistency help, or simply looking to dip your toes in. Check out workshops for more individualized work, or meet-ups for bigger, philosophical discussions!



Get to Know Me

Tune in to the blog for an opportunity to discover a little bit about this world. I share everything from concepts that I’ve found helpful, to personal breakdowns, to physical tips and techniques. See how this stuff can be playful, passionate, and intense all at once!

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