Take It Off

Take It Off. Take off the layers of fear, trauma, and insecurity that hold you back. Reveal the real you.

The powerful you. The beautiful you.

In 2016, I went on an adventure to take a nude photoshoot in nature, with a photographer friend. His mission was simple: to show women that they are beautiful. From the time I considered this step (and went through all phases of doubt), to the time I saw the photos, I had undergone a huge shift. All of the sudden - I didn’t have to identify with my flaws. All of the sudden - I no longer had to believe my fears. And while this is something I had been learning in my self-development studies for years, this moment was a huge leap towards actually embodying it.

Less than 6 months later, the first retreat was created. Our intent: to help women LOVE THEMSELVES FULLY. Not, “when I’m thinner,” or “once I have a boyfriend,” or “when I’m more successful.” None of that. True love. Present love. Unconditional love.

This is truly the mission of everything we do. Less fear. Less judgement. Less hate. Less shame. More love. More acceptance. More presence. More understanding.

And the truth of real love, capital L LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, is that - it takes work. It takes work for humans to step out of ego, and into love.

Over the years I have realized that frequently the barrier to true growth is a lack of acceptance of reality. Reality often comes with crappy emotions, fear, and unfavorable circumstances. And as humans, we like to control, deny, and avoid really dealing with this. From the subtle, like saying you’ll do something when you know you won’t, to the gross, like suppressing hurt with drugs and alcohol, our inability to accept what’s real is getting in the way of actually moving forward.

So, this work is not necessarily about high performance, although that is a likely outcome; but rather, it is about getting so clear and inline with yourself that everything you do is love, fulfillment, and connection.

Take the morality out of it. Take It Off is about removing right and wrong, so that we can just get to what’s TRUE. If you are acting from the truth within yourself, it is always right.


Jessie Levine

All my life I’ve felt like I’m too sensitive. I’ve been told, in fact. I’ve felt like, while I have desires, and am very goal driven, I keep running in to all these feelings, doubts, worries, fears. And while I think my sensitivity in some ways, does hold me back, I also now KNOW, that THIS is my super power.

My access to these emotions is what gives me the capacity to be with pain, mine and others. It’s what allows me to applaud (and literally jump up and down with excitement) true vulnerability, breakdowns, and breakthroughs.

How did I get here? Well, a combination of hard-core competitive gymnastics growing up, and deciding to become a professional dancer (one of the most competitive jobs in life) led me to question myself. Living in LA, not sure if I was going to make anything of myself as a dancer, I had to look at these fears. I had to look at my insecurities. And in the process, I found that this process of unraveling fears and insecurities, is absolutely my calling. And I found that it is the only way to grow, holistically and authentically.

I am kind of a hardass in that, I stand for this firmly. But I’m also a ridiculous softy (ask my best friend, I cry at everything). I believe in honoring your feelings. I believe in hearing your own voice. I believe in listening to each other. I believing in continually learning. I believe that every moment is FOR you, not against you, no matter how bad it seems. I believe that true connection is about deep honesty and intimacy. And I am willing to spend my life work on fully embodying all of those things, not just for myself, but for those I touch.

Click below to get a sneak peak of my movement as a dancer, acrobat, yogi.

Lots of love,


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