You're not ready for it

This weekend on my Take It Off Yoga Retreat many things did not go as planned. And the more things didn’t go as planned, the more OK I was with things not going as planned. Because, truly, there is ALWAYS a bigger purpose.

I won’t get into divine reasoning here, but the truth is - something bigger is always at work. There is always something to get out of an unexpected, or even unwanted outcome, even if it’s nothing more than LEARNING A LESSON. That is SO worth it.

Every time I trust, the thing I really wanted in the first place, usually happens, or happens eventually, or happens in a way I never even expected it could happen. It’s like ….WHY THE HECK DO I WORRY SO MUCH?!?!?! (Seriously, I think I said that to my Take It Off staff like 7 times this weekend).

Once you see that you needing something is the thing standing in the way of you having what you want, you get it ;).

Where do you feel like you are clinging to an outcome? Or an expectation? Where do things tend to let you down? Where do you feel like you’re missing the mark?

And then, what if you’re not ready for that thing you’re wanting, or expecting? Even if that’s totally not true, try accepting that. Just…what if? As you do that, you’ll see what comes up. What jumps in a defends you, what has you stay attached to that outcome. And THAT’S where the gold is.

Let go of what you think you need, to give space for what’s right for you to enter.

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