Make-wrong Part 1: What is it?

Unfortunately, the reality of the world right now is full of hate, shame, and blame. Even those of us that pride ourselves on being “open” or “loving”, we still have this tendency, however subtle it may be. It’s human nature. To our minds, our ego is as precious as our life. And since we are wired for survival, we are therefore wired to protect our ego at all costs.

In order to do so, we often have to put others down. Those of you that are watching this probably aren’t out there bullying people, but even you do it, at least in your head.

This video is just part 1 of 5, where we look at how this shows up, and why we need to be aware of it. Watch to get the basics, and then stay tuned to dive into this world.

How have you made others wrong? On purpose or by accident? Have you felt this from others? Start to observe how this shows up in your life.

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DOPE music by Carys Matar <3

Jessie LevineComment