If only...


It is so tempting to fantasize about how life would be better IF. If only I had more money. If only my boss was nicer. If only my partner wasn’t so distant. If only if only if only….

Then what? You’d be happy? Truly fulfilled?

My guess is, you’d simply have one problem solved, but all the same feelings would still be there. And, because of that, other problems would arise that would carry the same weight.

So, instead of if only fantasies, try - what if’s? What if I found a better job? What would that entail? Is that worth it to me? What do I really care about, and how do I make those things happen?

You may still be thinking, “I don’t think like that, I know that money won’t bring me happiness” (etc). But check yourself - I bet you still get caught on little versions of it here and there.

So how is this relevant for you? I just gave up 5 of my classes (yoga classes) for this reason. Where does it show up for you? Are you stuck? Or are you moving forward?

Reach out to share, for guidance, or simply to reflect.


Jessie LevineComment