Make-wrong Part 2: Why do we care?

So we get that we make-wrong, all over the place. But why is that important? People ARE wrong, people ARE bad. I get that argument a lot. “But he IS AN ASSHOLE”.

Sure. People are wrong, and bad. But the problem is, by living in a world of making others wrong, we are living disconnected from the self, and therefore each other. Remember, make-wrong is a TACTIC to make yourself feel better about something that wasn’t so pleasant. If we remove the tactic, we may still see how other people have flaws, but without the make-wrong it carries way less shame, and pressure.

Why do you think it’s important to look at our make-wrong tactics? I mean, I see this in HUGE ways, expanding all the way out to politics, cultural norms, etc! Understanding this on an individual level is the ONLY way we can actually shift the hate and make-wrong in the world. So - where do you see it? Where does it come up for you? How does it feel? Ask yourself these important questions. Talk about it. Share about it.


DOPE soundtrack by Carys Matar.

Jessie LevineComment