Make-wrong Part 3: Real-life

Make-wrong is so sneaky. It sneaks into even the moments when you think you’re being the most supportive. You love your friends, and family members, so you want the best for them, right?

Sure. But that doesn’t mean blame external forces. Even when those external forces seem really terrible.

Listen to this anecdote about my friends story. I’m sure it’s one that most of us have experienced in some way, and it is SO SO SO important for community healing, especially between women.

Bad things happen. What does blaming them, or making them the bad guy do? Get real with this one. What does it do? Make it easier to say “fuck you”? Ok…but how does that truly serve you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Dope soundtrack by Carys Matar.

Jessie LevineComment