1 on 1 coaching For the sensitive woman


Incredible humans,

Being a sensitive woman is not easy. For most of my life, it went hand-in-hand with being made fun of, being bullied, and not being taken seriously. I did years of self-help, training, yoga, and spiritual practice to try to rid myself of the problem of being sensitive. I wanted to become strong enough to be OK in the world.

Well, good news bad news here.

The bad news: I haven’t rid myself of that pesky sensitivity problem.

The good news: that’s ok! And spectacular even.

If it weren’t for my sensitivity, I wouldn’t be able to sense into my own emotions, to allow for healing, and processing. And, perhaps more importantly, if it weren’t for my sensitivity, I wouldn’t be able to help others open up to their truth, and walk through their healing.

This coaching program is about you embodying WHO YOU ARE. And that requires you to get real, and connected with what happens in your mind, but also in your heart, body, and spirit.

It’s ok that I didn’t disappear my sensitivity because the truth is - that is who I am. That is how I am. And that is what is most true to me. So, rather than fighting it, what has actually allowed for healing - is connection to it. Trust of it. Love for it.

It’s this connection that allows us to BE and DO ANYTHING. It’s this connection that brings you this program.

My clients are women who…

  • feel things deeply, care a LOT, and are passionate about this life

  • are connected to their bodies through yoga, dance, or other physical movement

  • want to be the best they can be, and to make an impact on this world

  • get stopped or stuck in fear, insecurity, or self-doubt

  • want to “be confident”, but feel there’s more to it than that

  • know deep down how worthy they are, but don’t always feel it

  • are sensitive to their feelings, and self-aware of their thoughts and behaviors

  • are responsible for their actions, sometimes to a fault

  • might deal with bouts of depression, or anxiety

  • might struggle with body image, or eating disorders

  • might get sick often, or injured often

  • are sensitive to external factors (everything from someone else’s tone of voice, to the change in the weather)

  • might feel shame about their habits, behaviors, decisions

  • deal with feelings of not being good enough

  • have a strong desire to be powerful and purposeful in their careers

  • want to be impactful as a partner, mother, friend, sister, daughter, woman in this world

  • want to create a sense of self that holds true no matter the circumstance

  • want to OWN who they are, and LOVE that

  • struggle with feeling bad about themselves, OR love themselves, but want to be more connected

  • want to know how to listen to their bodies, trust themselves, and step up to the plate

  • want to be able to DO WHATEVER THEY WANT, in a way that is authentic, truthful, and genuine


What’s Included:


After each session, you will receive an email that goes over everything we discovered in the session. We dive deep, so you are not expected to remember everything that went on. Instead, this email is an opportunity for you to revisit the journey we had together, and to begin to actually integrate it into your life.

Creating a real shift in your life requires attention, and intention. This email offers support in bringing that focus into your life.

Time and time again, I hear from my clients that these emails bring them to tears, and connect them to their truth. It is a sweet way to stay connected to your true depth and beauty.


A typical coaching session is a 90 minute video call. Combining discussion, meditation, somatic work, self-development and yoga techniques, we work together to uncover the truth of what’s really going on in your world: mind, body, heart. We walk you out of the “story” of what’s happening, and into what’s real and necessary for you.

The sessions are where we do the juicy work - in a safe, supported way. In these sessions, you are trusted to go as far as you are ready. Within that, we have the opportunity to look at patterns, habits, and happenings that occur for you in your life. And our goal is not simply to find new tricks and tools to cope, but rather, to actually get underneath it, and heal from within.


We finish up each session by creating an assignment for you, together. You get to decide the best way to carry this into your life. We want to make sure it is doable, so that you are set up to be successful in this healing and embodying process. Sometimes, these assignments will be as simple as keeping a tally of observations you make, or doing a stretch a few times during the week. Other times, I will send you a personalized recording that allows you to continue to embody your growth at home, on your own. Either way, these assignments are a key part of integrating this healing into your real life.

You are who you are, everywhere you go. Let’s create a system that allows you to LOVE that.

*To be paid over the course of the program (8-16 weeks). Payment plans available.

How We Do It:

Emotional Intelligence

Accepting and processing emotions

Once we understand the workings of your mind a little bit better, we connect to the feelings. In this world of always have to be better, sexier, stronger, etc - it’s often really tough to even see what your true feelings are. So we get to dive in, dig in. We use meditation techniques, journaling, and conversation to unlock what’s really going on. Then we really support that beautiful, real, emotional human (you)!

Experience this process on a RETREAT.

Mental Clarity

Intellectual understanding

We get the direct opportunity to understand how the human mind works. Humans are wired for survival, and not much else. So many of our natural tactics, end up working against us these days where we are no longer being chased by mountain lions! We will start to get the hang of what your defenses are, and how your patterns get in the way.

 Get a taste of this, by checking out the BLOG.

Whole Being Transformation

Put these practices into your life, so that you don’t need me

My goal is not for you to depend on me for your growth. But simply, to use me as a tool to unlock what you ALREADY KNOW. So this is not only coaching with me, it is training for the rest of your life!

If you’re ready to take your knowing, and begin to serve the world, join a TEACHER TRAINING.

Physical Integration


So guess what? Your emotions….literally LIVE in your body. Your body houses them, feels them, and stores them. And while that’s part of what makes life so exquisite and sensational, unfortunately, it’s also a HUGE part of why we get sick, injured, and live with aches and pains constantly. Using yoga as a tool to access the body, we get to move through blockages. By working from both angles (mental and physical) we slowly start to release the knots. Healing injuries, relieving colds/headaches/allergies, and even healing illness would not be a surprise after doing this work.

Get a taste of this at a CLASS.


What People Have Said:

Who Am I?


What qualifies me to guide you?

In addition to having spent the last 3 years leading over 50+ women through transformative yoga retreats, over 25+ humans through Yoga Teacher Training, and a dozen coaching clients through personal embodiment; I have spent my entire life encompassing myself in self-development work. I have tried all different methods, techniques, and perspectives. I have trained my mind to overcome huge obstacles, I have connected to my body and healed injuries (and chronic colds!), I have meditated and done breathwork and actually rewired patterns, and healed traumas in myself. I understand the inner workings of the human mind, and how that actually LIVES in the body. I embody both the world of discipline and focus to be who you want to be, and absolute LOVE and acceptance of who you already are.

But really, I am qualified to be your guide - not because I know every tool, or have all the answers. But rather, because I DON’T have a one-size-fits-all formula for you, and I know that.

The truth is, we will never have it all figured out. We will never be problem-free. We will never be “healed”, with no looking back. We will never “make it” so to speak, but we CAN and WILL BE who we want to be, and DO what we want to do. We CAN and WILL live in the fullness of life, and walk through challenges with more ease and feminine flow. We CAN and WILL honor ourselves, and expand our capacity for greatness, in whatever way that is most important to us.

And that deep acceptance of the continual process that is life, is what has me facilitate your self-LOVE, self-TRUST, and your KNOWING that you are worthy, capable, and FUCKING POWERFUL.

My mission is to help you become SUPERHUMAN. Not because you are beyond human nature, but because you are SUPER in-tune, and capable of anything.


Xoxo, Jessie

specific certifications:

  • 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200)

  • 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School (E-RYS 200)

  • The Landmark Forum (The Forum, The Advanced Course)

  • Barre Body Certified

  • EYE Build Your Brand Seminar

  • Activate Your Inner Jaguar Course

  • More