Do you love yourself? I don’t mean like casually think you’re kinda cool. But like, DO YOU UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE YOURSELF? These retreats are designed to take you deep within yourself, and to learn to LOVE ALL OF YOU. Even the icky, annoying, frustrating parts of you. Our mission is to go into the basement, turn on the lights, and dust off the corners. To explore around and see what we’ve been storing in there. What scares us. What we don’t want to see.

This retreat is an opportunity to connect to your TRUTH. The real you. The you that is imperfect, always. The you that is whole, complete, and worthy, ALWAYS. The you that wants more, but doesn’t quit know how to free herself.

This retreat is FREEDOM.

What do we do?

Retreats are 4 days, Thursday - Sunday. They consist of a combination of discussions/lectures, group activities and outings, yoga classes and workshops, and a NUDE photoshoot in nature. This weekend is mindfully designed to guide you on a journey into yourself. A journey where we use these tools as an access into your world. A journey where the yoga, the group, the schedule changes, and your behaviors get to be incredible teachers. Each moment is FOR you to unravel another layer of fear, resistance, insecurity, or trauma. Each moment provides you with a lens through which to see yourself, so that you can further embody this true YOU.

Why sign up?

You are female. You do yoga. You meditate, or journal, or pray, or see a therapist. You are already doing the work to be the best version of yourself you can, but you struggle. Perhaps you worry you will never be good enough. Perhaps you hate your thighs. Perhaps you keep self-sabotaging, or repeating the same patterns over and over. You are DETERMINED to live the life you want, and be the you you want to be, but fears and insecurities just keep getting in the way.

This trip is for YOU. For you to get beneath the fears, and honor your truth. For you to see yourself FULLY, and love the shit out of that. For you to honor your humanity, your realness, your voice as a woman in this world.

This is for you to step in to yourself. Retreat IN to yourself.

What’s Included:

  • lodging

  • all meals

  • nude photoshoot

  • 4-6 yoga classes/workshops

  • 3-5 lectures/discussions/activities

  • one group outing

  • free yoga mats, water bottles, and more

  • one-on-one coaching and support

  • community of like-minded women


Next Retreat

Permanently. I finally am allowed to love my body and myself.
— AC, attended March 2018
This retreat has effectively changed my view of myself, and in turn those around me. I wouldn’t give back this experience for anything. I am so full of love and gratitude for all of you. Thank you.
— RL, attended March 2017
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The Take It Off retreat far exceeded my expectations for what a yoga retreat could be. Jessie and the other leaders created the most loving and authentic environment for self-growth, self-love, and bonding amongst us girls. I feel like I connected with the other women on the retreat on a much deeper level than I even do with a lot of my friends. Jessie’s extensive knowledge of yoga, teaching style and advanced practice were also incredibly inspiring. I hope to continue to learn from her in the future!
— JB, attended January 2018 (and multiple others!)
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