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Retreat: Joshua Tree

  • Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree, CA (map)

get to know your truth

Next up: Joshua Tree.

Are you ready to be bold? To stand raw, real, naked, and truly see yourself? That’s what this is about, literally and figuratively. We use these 4 days together to dive into our internal dialogue and emotions, to work through insecurities and buried stressors, and to fully see our incredible bodies, naked, in nature, and appreciate them in their entirety. (Read about the retreats here).

These retreats are not like other yoga retreats. It is an exceptional experience. Whether you’ve done it before, or something like it, or it’s your first time and you’re terrified - we got you.

It’s gonna be hot. It’s gonna be intense. And it’s gonna be fucking magical. Let’s go!


*Prices range from $800 - $1200. All inclusive (lodging, healthy and satisfying food, yoga mats, photoshoot, all excursions and services, etc).

To book, contact me directly, and we will set up a call to work out the details.


frequently asked questions

If I can’t get work off for Thursday, but can join Friday-Sunday, can I still do the retreat?

Unfortunately, no. The trip is all 4 days, we are in it together. All or nothin baby.

Do I have to do the nude photoshoot?

Yes. The whole retreat is about what it takes to step into yourself in this way. What barriers come up, what fears, what insecurities? When there’s nowhere to hide, how can you find love and vulnerability? The only way to love yourself fully is to go towards it ;).

What’s the sleeping arrangement like? Can I get my own room?

This varies depending on the retreat. Usually, there is an option to get your own room, but it will usually cost quite a bit more to reserve that space for yourself.

I’m new to yoga, but I love this self-development work, is this for me?

Sure! Absolutely. Yoga is just ONE of the many tools we use to access our growth.

I’ve been practicing yoga for years, but am a little afraid of having to talk and open up in front of people, is this for me?

Sure! Possibly. If you want to work on opening up, and are willing to put in the effort, absolutely. This is the MOST supportive space to do that in. However, if you’re truly just looking to yoga and zen out, let’s chat. Maybe not!

Others? Contact me directly.