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Yoga Teacher Training: Get Empowered

  • Basement of Noho 5259 Lankershim Blvd North hollywood (map)


Think it’s time for your teacher training cert? Join us. Understand your body (and heart and mind) in a way you’ve never experienced before. (Read more about our yoga teacher training program here.)

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Pricing: $2500. *Includes FREE yoga membership.

Contact me directly for more information, or to sign up. Deposit is $450. Payment plans available.


frequently asked questions

Is this program yoga alliance certified?


How many days can I miss, and still receive my certification?

You’re allowed 3 absences. Communicate with me if you think it will be more.

I’m not a dancer, or a performer, but I really resonate with your teaching. Can I still do the program?

YES, absolutely. This program is geared towards movers, simply because movers tend to understand this style of teaching. If you like it - please join!

What if I don’t want to be a yoga teacher? Is the program still beneficial?

YES, absolutely. This program is really about who you BECOME in the process of learning how to teach yoga. In my eyes, we really only learn to teach it, because teaching something is the only way to master it.

I’ve been dancing my whole life, but I’m brand new to yoga - will I feel behind?

If you’re comfortable in your body, you’ll catch on quick. I’ve had first time yogis complete teacher trainings with flying colors. If you’re drawn to it, go for it! This may be just the push you need.

Have more? Contact me.