Yoga Teacher Training

Perhaps you’ve been a mover - dancer, acrobat, performer - all your life. You love to move your body, and are starting to deepen your connection with it. You have been dabbling in yoga, maybe even thinking about a teacher training program off and on.

This teacher training program is a 200 hour yoga alliance certified program, specifically designed for dancers, movers, etc. Those that use their body for their LIFE. Why? Because your body knows SO much, and it speaks to you already. This program allows you to put it into words and actions in the most efficient, effective, and impactful way for you.

Teacher training is of course about getting certified to become a yoga teacher - and that you will, if you so desire. But honestly, that’s not the good part. This program will have you relate to yourself and others in a completely new way. You will tap into a part of yourself that you didn’t previously know existed.

We spend most of our time getting really specific in the body: breaking down yoga poses, talking about how to use your body in any position. You will leave this program essentially knowing how to do ANY MOVEMENT YOU WANT. Maybe even any skill you want!

The rest of the time, we talk about why this is important. We talk about our intentions in the world. We face ourselves in really challenging and beautiful ways - together - allowing for total TRANSFORMATION.


What do we cover?

  • anatomy

  • ayurveda

  • chakras

  • philosophy

  • acrobatics

  • acroyoga

  • massage techniques

  • movement techniques

  • emotional techniques

  • and more!

What’s included?

Included in your cost is a FREE yoga membership during the program. In addition to support from Jessie, a 400 page manual, and an incredible community of dancers and performers looking to develop themselves just like you.


Upcoming Program

It’s been an amazing and life-changing experience.
— MJ, graduated September 2018
I feel the closest I’ve ever been to my most powerful self.
— AC, graduated September 2018
What I wasn’t expecting, was a completely new way of thinking and living.
— SM, graduated September 2018


Total cost: $2250

Deposit: $250



Basement of Noho

5259 Lankershim Blvd.

North Hollywood, CA


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