Yoga Teacher Training

This teacher training program is a 200 hour yoga alliance certified program, specifically designed for dancers, movers, etc. Those that use their body for their LIFE. Why? As a mover of any sort, (even if only through yoga or fitness!), you have been trained to move your body in a way that gets you a particular goal. With dance, it often has to do with how it looks aesthetically. With sports, it has to with being able to gain precision or speed. With fitness, it has to do with increasing weight or reps in order to get stronger or look sexier. But, what’s missing in all of these cases, is a deeper level of connection to the body. Your body has insight into how you feel, what you need, and what’s right for you at any moment. But no one teaches us HOW to use our bodies for whatever WE need. No one teaches us how to work from the inside out.


What exactly does that look like?

Well, Teacher Training is of course about getting certified to become a yoga teacher - and that you will, if you so desire. Teaching something is THE way to master it yourself. So in that sense, this training is an opportunity for you to master your own being.

We spend most of our time getting really specific in the body: breaking down yoga poses, talking about how to use our body in any position. Our goal is not to perfect the yoga poses, but rather to understand how to move our body effectively in literally ANY way (yoga related, or not!).

In addition, we spend a lot of time understanding other aspects of the human being: energy and emotions (chakras), health (ayurveda, anatomy, physical therapy), communication (teaching, being honest, acting with intention), and more. Not only will you understand more of your physical body, but your energetic body too. You will gain access and insight into WHO YOU ARE beyond the physical, and how to live and move in a way that is more in line with that.

The rest of the time, we talk about intention, and context. We get clear on how we approach each other, ourselves, and the world. And through that, this program allows for TOTAL TRANSFORMATION. An opportunity to re-align yourself to who you are within, and move in a way that is truthful, impactful, and full of LOVE.


What do we cover?

  • Anatomy + The Thinking Body, The Feeling Mind

  • Ayurveda with an Ayurvedic Doctor

  • Chakras, Breathwork, and Embodiment Practices

  • Yoga Philosophy, and the Bhagavad Gita

  • Acrobatics, Inversions, Dance

  • Acroyoga

  • Physical Therapy, Neuro-Kinetic Therapy, Functional Range Conditioning work

  • Movement Techniques

  • Emotional Techniques

  • Kundalini Yoga Practice

  • Over 80+ Yoga Poses

  • Live Practice Teaching

  • Contraindications and Healing Injuries

  • and more!

What’s included?

  • FREE yoga during the program

  • 400 page yoga handbook

  • community

  • 1-on-1 support from Jessie


This is for you, if you…

  • are a dancer, acrobat, fitness enthusiast, or yogi who is ready to really understand what they are doing and how to do it more effectively

  • deal with injuries, get stuck learning new physical skills, or simply want to improve your capabilities

  • are hard working, and hungry, but sometimes struggle with fear, self-doubt, and insecurity

  • are looking for a way to balance doing what you love for a living, and supporting yourself to survive and thrive

  • hear about "self-care" but don't really buy it, and want to connect to yourself in a deeper way

  • are looking to truly KNOW who you are, in every way

  • want to show up to auditions, interviews, or other "next level" steps in your life FULLY knowing what you have to offer

  • are honestly, pretty fuckin dope, and just want to KNOW and OWN that already!!

  • want to be able to move your body in any way you desire, and feel masterful in this life.


Upcoming Program

It’s been an amazing and life-changing experience.
— MJ, graduated September 2018
I feel the closest I’ve ever been to my most powerful self.
— AC, graduated September 2018
What I wasn’t expecting, was a completely new way of thinking and living.
— SM, graduated September 2018


Total cost: $2500

Deposit: $450



Basement of Noho

5259 Lankershim Blvd.

North Hollywood, CA


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